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Congenital hip dislocation ( instable hip ) - CDH

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congenital hip dislocation, immediate fixation of instable hipsTreatment of this condition is fairly well developed. In the earlier age various types of abduction devices are used ( more than 30 around the world)

The most important and challenging question in ñongenital hip dislocation (CDH) pathology is it's immediate evaluation during the first days of life.
This condition is much easy controlled in a small town with just one maternity hospital and a trained specialist, who evaluated all the neonates.
But in a big city with many maternity hospitals this problem is much more difficult to resolve.

Dr.M.Benson ( United Kingdom) confirmed it by saying at the Congress in Sendai ( Japan, 2001) : " Doctor can treat all the children with ñongenital hip dislocation (CDH) , who addressed or were directed to him, but we cannot make them ask for our help in the early stages , when it is still not too late.

The problem of early ñongenital hip dislocation (CDH) diagnosis is a social problem, and we ( orthopedists) can not resolve it."

Today St.Petersburg is one of the few cities, where it's becoming possible to provide total neonatal ñongenital hip dislocation (CDH) screening in maternity hospitals.